Big Box Culverts from Michie Corporation

adminDecember 15, 2014
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Duo Cell Box Culvert
Michie Corporation produces a wide variety of Box Culverts to meet any construction needs. With superior strength and durability, precast Box Culverts provide a versatile and economical alternative to the cast-in-place concrete bridge. Compared to cast-in-place alternatives, precast Box Culverts are quicker to install, requiring less man power. With product being delivered at full design […]

Concrete Box Culverts from Shay Murtagh

adminDecember 8, 2014
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double cell culvert cork1
Concrete Box Culverts A culvert is a conduit used to enclose a flowing body of water. It may be used to allow water to pass underneath a road, railway, or embankment. Precast Concrete Box Culverts are quick and easy to install and are mainly used for drainage and underpasses. Shay Murtagh offer a complete design […]