Precast Tunnel at Beacon Hill

adminMay 15, 2015
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The Beacon Hill tunnel is a twin tunnel located east of I-5 in Seattle. One tunnel carries northbound trains and the other carries the southbound trains. It is approximately one mile long and includes a 165 foot deep station accessed by an elevator at street level. The precast segments were cast in eight sets of […]

Xbloc, precast concrete breakwater

adminMay 13, 2015
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What is Xbloc? Xbloc is an interlocking armour unit designed to protect breakwaters and shores over the long term and in extreme conditions. This armour unit is a simple, robust and reliable single layer concrete armour unit without reinforcement. It has considerable structural integrity as an individual element and has great hydraulic stability in the […]

Precast Pedestrian Tunnels

adminApril 7, 2015
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Precast Pedestrian Tunnels_8
Precast Pedestrian Tunnels Beneath GO Transit Tracks Munro Ltd. manufactured sections for two precast tunnels. The sections were delivered to the jobsite on Dundas Street just north of Bloor. The tunnel sections (nine in total for each pedestrian tunnel) were produced with ducts for post tensioning bars and electrical services. Each tunnel consisted of straight […]